Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I am going to melt...(*edit*Now with asses!)

Thermostat read 95*
Ninety. Fucking. Five. Degrees.
Do you KNOW how HOT it is in Texas weather to walk into a dorm hoping to cool down and relax only to start melting to the fucking bed? Not fun. I swear. Nigger and Sara are going to go down. 9 o'clock every night, the bitches start screaming. Doors slam, ground rumbles under Nigger's fat ass...Oh look at the time. Nine o Clock. Yup. I hear them running down the hall.

Here we fucking go. Door just slammed. Giggling and laughing and yelling.
Sounds like they just saw the thermostat at 70* (Which is a decent fucking temperature.)
Fucking bitches. Someone just turned it up. You can smell it. Terrible smell. I am about to start melting. Here we fucking go.

This is for Troy who had a request for some asses.


  1. I'd prefer the warmer weather over the cold drafts I'm getting in Oklahoma. Temperature was like 100 a couple days ago, and now the shit's dropped to like 65 in the mornings.

  2. dude it was 113 degrees in la yesterday, TOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :(

  3. @shakin Yeah though I quite enjoy the nice cool weather. I do a lot of outdoor work so the heat just kills me.

    @younostalgia Ew that sucks. I hate when it is over 100 and 90%+ humidity. THAT is the worst!

  4. I saw the name of this blog and hoped you would post asses. :(

  5. sounds wonderful where you are.

  6. titties... where are the titties?