Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snowcones and Weedwackers

So I come back from class to see sitting on top of the fridge, to my surprise, a fucking snow cone maker. And this fucker is loud. Louder than Nigger. You get the lovely sound of a blade against ice and the scent of the machine parts whirring together at high speeds. Yes, it has a smell. It is not a pretty smell either. Gwen bought the nasty fucking syrups too. Fucking banana and  (cough syrup) grape. It smells disgusting. And she eats about 2 a day. Why? I don't fucking know.

Sara was a dumb ass. See, some reason she fucked herself up so much she left an ounce of low quality weed sitting out on the table. Well, me being the lovely ass I am, decided to take it and sell it. But oh wait! I would need to replace it so she wouldn't notice. Thankfully she is such a dumb bitch and the workers had recently cut the grass outside, I was able to replace it. She has yet to notice. Fucking retard even smoked some this morning. Oh Em Gee she was so like, hiiiiiigh!!!1!!!one!!111!!1 *face palm* dumb bitch.


  1. I like snowcones 3: I'm sorry you don't..

  2. lmao you're such a beast it's hilarious

  3. Why thank you Eamon and RJ
    First Love, I do like snow cones. Just not the shitty ass things fucking Gwen makes. Banana and Cough Syrup. OH JOY. *gagpuke*